August Writing Prompts

Each month I create a newsletter for my patrons on Patreon, this newsletter includes fifteen prompts to inspire you to create and write. I would like to share five of my July 2022 prompts with you but if you would like access to all fifteen, you can join my Patreon through this link! The newsletter is a benefit from the lowest tier upwards and any support is highly appreciated.

Prompt 1: read ‘Bramble Arm’ by Vicki Feaver and then write about a part of you becoming a part of the natural world

Bramble Arm by Vicki Feaver

In a dream, my right arm -

the arm that wields

my writing hand -

encircled by brambles,

coiled from elbow to wrist

like barbed wire.

It could be a punishment

for unlocking the voice

I was taught as a child

to soften or silence.

Or a sign of its power -

a weak woman's arm

transformed into

a fearsome weapon.

Later in the dream, the arm

is swathed in bandages,

as if to hide or smother

the barbed stems.

But the gauze is stained

with blood and blackberry juice.

Under the wrapping

the bramble still loves:

roots twined round

sinew and bone;

spiked shoots

piercing the flesh.

Prompt 2: use the following line from Pascale Petit as a ghost line

"Dawn is a spiny tongue licking afterbirth from my eyes."

Prompt 3: listen to Last Cigarette by MOTHICA ft. Au/Ra and then write

Prompt 4: write a poem titled 'Arguments in favour of the sea' after Kayo Chingonyi

Prompt 5: use the word 'belljarred' in a piece


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