Chapbook release on Patreon

My chapbook, Self-portrait in Bronze, charting my first year of sobriety is now available to download and read through my Patreon. You can become a patron here.

Below is a poem from the collection.

The Cutting

A month ago the neighbours hired men

to take saws and ropes to their bountiful oak,

left it a raw trunk and pale cream stumps,

a skeleton thick against the blue horizon. 

Since then it has grown impressively,

rapidly, burgeoning branch and leaf, 

as if to say the cutting only made me 

fiercer, a devourer of sunlight and wind. 

But I am drawn to wounded things, 

and even though it is almost round 

with green, a slash of sky rips 

through its side and that is where I find me;

the imperfect attempt at trying, 

at changing and growing, at fruitless-

ly hiding. I am the wounded thing, 

the one with marks, scars agape 

in daylight and rain, starshine and dusk;

I am the oak, a pale cream reminder

of the death living at my edges, 

the life forcing its way through.