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Five reasons to become a patron

I've made no secret of joining Patreon and making content exclusive to patrons but I do appreciate that with so many creators looking for ways to sustain and supplement their craft, it can be difficult to understand why you should join membership platforms.

Without overwhelming you, hopefully, here are five reasons I think you should become a patron who supports me and receives exclusive content in return.

1) Access to poetry chapbooks

Upon joining, patrons receive digital copies of my self-published poetry collections, Between the Trees and Flowers on the Wall, published in 2018 and 2019. Since April 2022, however, I have written the chapbook 'Self-portrait in Bronze' and I am currently working on a nature themed chapbook - both are exclusive to Patreon members. Thus, when you sign up you'll also receive a digital copy of Self-portrait in Bronze and then a print copy of my next chapbook when it is finished!

2) A monthly newsletter

I take great pride in my monthly newsletters, often beginning to work on them a fortnight ahead of their release. In 2022 each newsletter featured 15 writing prompts (with an accompanying appendices), 2 writing exercises, a list of deadlines and competitions, and in-depth analysis of a poem I have read recently. In 2023 new features will appear as patrons are currently providing feedback on the newsletter. Patron feedback is an important part of my memberships as I ultimately want my Patreon to be a place which serves and interests you. I cannot wait to revamp the newsletter!

3) Access to editing and commissions

Depending on your chosen tier, you also gain access to monthly editing and commissions. I now freelance as an editor and work weekly on poetry editing, manuscripts and website material. I also love writing poems for people. Each month, certain tiers will offer you the option to commission work from me as well as ask for my collaboration and feedback on a project of yours.

4) The chance to workshop

Recently I've begun a feature on Patreon called 'Rejection pile' and it consists of me posting a poem which has been rejected by a competition or magazine, and patrons offer their feedback/criticism. I then take this feedback on board and redraft the poem for my patrons to read in a week or so. Similarly, I often do a 'vote on how it ends' post for poems I've started and not finished. Again, patrons have an exclusive say in what I choose to do with my work.

5) Vlogs

That's right, I've started vlogging certain parts of my writing process and Q&As. These videos are uploaded/linked only to Patreon and so you gain an insight into what I'm doing, why and what's next for me.



How much does it cost?

Tiers range from £1 to £80 (there are 5 in total)

When am I charged?

On the first 1st of every month

Can I cancel at any time?


Can I interact in a similar way to social media?

Yes, posts have like and comment functions.

Can I change how much I pledge/my tier?


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