Girar: a project by Kiran Bhat

"Bhat’s writing is poetic and expansive. He has created four regions which are reminiscent of places the reader might know, without being caricatures of real cities. The stories are told from sixteen different perspectives and across all you can trace the complexities of the human condition: our desires and ravenous greed, our desperation for a better life, for things we believe we deserve, our capability for violence and tendency to act out of jealousy, and our aggression in the pursuit of our ambitions." [Kristiana Reed]

I wrote this in January 2020 about Kiran Bhat's novel 'We Of The Forsaken World' (you can read the full review here), since then Bhat has continued to focus on humanity within the world we live in. He does this incredibly well so I am excited to share news about Bhat's latest yet long term project Girar.

Coined a 'global story', Bhat's intention is to write a novel but serialise it over several years. When asked about what subscribers can expect from Girar, Bhat said:

"It takes place in 365 places between 2020 and 2029. The plots involve an archetypal mother and father and son. Mother is a religious housewife, Father is a hospital doctor, and Son is a gay male who lives abroad. The stories attempt to show how over the course of a decade these three beings find a way to accept each other despite their differences. The novel is also a turn around 365 places in the world. An installation takes a core piece of the archetypal story, reimagines into a day of this decade, on another part of our world." [Kiran Bhat]

No doubt inspired by Bhat's extensive travel and knowledge of language, Girar promises to be a unique exploration into storytelling and the globe; especially as Bhat writes as the world continues to turn and life as we know it alters again and again.

At present, access to Girar is through a subscription to the website (around $1.50 USD a month/$10.00 USD a year). Stories are sent directly to the subscribers and Bhat currently aims to publish 2 - 3 stories a month over the next 8 years.

Girar World

Finally, to whet your appetite, here is a synopsis of one of the stories taking place in Mysore, Karnataka:

"Today was Ugadi, the Kannada New Year. It was a day to dine on the sweetest of jaggeries, a day to decorate one’s door with neem and mango leaves. It was a day to paint the porch with rangoli patterns and stench the halls with incense. It was a day of importance for anyone who was Kannadiga. For Mother, it was a day to pray."