July Writing Prompts

Each month I create a newsletter for my patrons on Patreon, this newsletter includes fifteen prompts to inspire you to create and write. I would like to share five of my July 2022 prompts with you but if you would like access to all fifteen, you can join my Patreon through this link! The newsletter is a benefit from the lowest tier upwards and any support is highly appreciated.

Prompt 1: write a recipe poem which has nothing to do with food.

Redundancy Stew by Jessica Mookherjee

A Welsh Recipe from 1982


  • two cups of indifferent gazes at site visits

  • six shredded mortgage letters

  • twelve cancelled meetings with the Head of Engineering

  • a surname consistently misspelled

  • eight chicken pate sandwiches eaten alone in the staff canteen

  • a sick wife (you can get these in continental shops)

  • three small children (various sizes)

  • memories of a small brown woman waving from Dhaka airport (choose a good vintage) - be generous with these

  • two first-class degrees - with distinction

  • whispering in corridors (al dente)

  • grit from Baglan Bay

add oil

continue to reduce

make certain it is privatised before basting

do not heat

all ingredients must be cold to the touch

pummel firmly

use your fists

freeze immediately

this dish can be enjoyed for many years into the future

Prompt 2: use the following line from Sonia Sanchez as a ghost line.
"I keep coughing up butterflies."

Prompt 3: listen to Let Me Drown by Orville Peck and then write.

Prompt 4: google the meaning of 'monomania' and then write your own definition as a poem.

Prompt 5: be inspired by the photograph below.

Non-binary Getting Ready as Drag Queen by Lindsay Ryklief


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