June Writing Prompts

Each month I create a newsletter for my patrons on Patreon, this newsletter includes fifteen prompts to inspire you to create and write. I would like to share five of my June 2022 prompts with you but if you would like access to all fifteen, you can join my Patreon through this link! The newsletter is a benefit from the lowest tier upwards and any support is highly appreciated.

Prompt 1: juxtapose what ‘boys’ are allowed to do versus ‘girls’ (see example below).

The World's Houses by Tishani Doshi

Girls slamming doors mean I am filled with the loss of myself and the brine of myself and the bursting ridiculous shape of myself and the endless embarrassing spill of myself, and what did I break,

but boys slamming doors mean only their own reverberant exits in flutters of sawdust, putting hinges out of alignment and shaking floors.

Girls cry from their rooms Come in, I won't let you in, Come in,

but boys step out onto streets wearing new, hard hands, those rackety limbs and sprung joints. Someone has taught them to try all the world's houses, someone has told them every door is wide open and theirs for the casual slamming.

Prompt 2: use the following line from Warsan Shire as a ghost line.

"I watch the news and my mouth becomes a sink full of blood."

Prompt 3: listen to All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes and write.

Prompt 4: write a condensed list poem summing up a particular year, after Francisco Aragón.

2012 by Francisco Aragón

24th & Mission BART station laundry

hamper wide screen television Dupont

Circle cassette of my sister's voice cassette

of my father's Court House Metro

torn photography of my grandfather

"Untitled" by Malaquias Montoya smart

phone theater programs my father's

gold watch boxed up photographs lap

top Fair Oaks the Mission Noe Valley

skateboard Mandorla the New

Yorker Venus in Fur Sex with Strangers a few

DVDs Pilgramage PALABRA I was a short

skinny boy Midnight in Paris Yuba Poppie

depression My Vocabulary Did This to Me

Prompt 5: be inspired by Kafka.
"The man in ecstasy and the man drowning - both throw up their arms."


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