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List of 2022 Publications

This was the first year I began tracking my acceptances and rejections to competitions and magazines. Below is a full list of everywhere my work has been published this year (with links if possible) as well any forthcoming publications.

  • Gypsophila - Volume 2, Issue 1, Femme Fatale [read here]

  • Brave Voices Magazine - published on their blog [read here]

  • Querencia Press Summer 2022 Anthology

  • Heroica Magazine [forthcoming publication on their website]

  • Anti-Heroin Chic - Issue 28 [read here]

  • The Hyacinth Review - two poems published on their website [read here & here]

  • Tabula Rasa Review [forthcoming publication in Issue 2 in 2023]

  • Beyond the Veil Press - How to Heal a Bloodline anthology

  • Firefly Archives - Issue 3, Something Wicked [read here]

  • Vocivia Magazine [forthcoming publication in Issue 3, CYBERSCRIPT]

  • Querencia Press - Not Ghosts but Spirits, Volume 1

  • Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine - Issue 16, starlight


And, for balance, my work has been rejected 11 times this year!

A huge thank you to all of the places I have submitted this year, for your time and the work you do amplifying the voices of others.

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