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"My poems become mosaics"

The fantastic line above is taken from the poem 'Anti-Biography' by Mohammed El-Kurd in his collection Rifqa. I've mentioned it before but when I find gems like these I like to write them down in a place I'll always have access to. For many, including myself, this is a notes app on our mobile phone. And as I haven't shared any January prompts, I thought I'd share some of the gems I have currently in my notes app.

'My poems become mosaics unintentionally, messy rooms habitually' [Anti-Biography, Mohammed El-Kurd]
'We're literate in peeling off our own skin to sleep.' [The Biggest Punch Line of All Time, Mohammed El-Kurd]
'Regret is no going back and always going back' [Rachel Glenn]
'I was tired of living to see so many grass-fed boys grow like their fathers' [Claire Askew]
'How would I see an echo as anything other than grieving' [Victoria Chang]

I don't always write based off of the lines I save, but I enjoy how they sit with me. For example, the first two lines from Mohammed El-Kurd have been in my notes app since last August. It is comforting to read lines I see myself in again and again.

The third line was actually something I heard on the radio and rushed to record. For me it was a perfectly succinct way of describing regret and its relationship with the past.

The final two from Claire Askew and Victoria Chang are but morsels of their incredible collections. I'd highly recommend Askew's 'How to burn a woman' and Chang's 'OBIT'.

I hope these lines spark some inspiration for you!

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