Readathon & writing prompts

On Tuesday, 5th April, my sister and I embarked upon a twenty four hour readathon. Currently trending on the Book Tok side of TikTok, the goal is to read for (you guessed it) twenty four hours straight.

We began at 10 am with high hopes and a spread of books to read. I had already decided that I'd allow myself to dip in and out of a couple to avoid burning out. My selection was: Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz, Under an Azure Sky by Wil Chan, Cheryl's Destinies by Stephen Sexton & A God at the Door by Tishani Doshi.

To reflect upon the experience I wanted to post a few short reviews for the above books and provide you lovely readers with a prompt list inspired by the readathon. If, however, you would like to know about the ins and outs of the day, you can go to my Instagram (@kristiana.reed) as I have a highlight for it, and you can follow my sister on TikTok, @thereadheadlibrary and watch the video she made documenting the experience.

Bullet point reviews

Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

  • sequel to Magpie Murders with similar premise of there being a book within a book to solve a murder

  • superb writing when it comes to tension, plot twists and character

  • allows you to attempt to solve the crime(s) alongside the protagonist

  • still surprises you at the very end!

Cheryl's Destinies by Stephen Sexton

  • nominated for the Forward Poetry Prize in 2021

  • some brilliant reflections upon the writing process itself

  • many poems were a little too abstract for my personal taste

  • struggled to identify the underlying themes/narrative in the collection

A God at the Door by Tishani Doshi

  • nominated for the Forward Poetry Prize 2021

  • incredible long form poetry, particularly focusing on feminism and womanhood in India

  • many visual poems which were good but difficult to read at times due to sacrificing font size to shape

  • really enjoyed Doshi's poetic style

Under an Azure Sky by Wil Chan (a full review will be posted in a few weeks)

  • fantasy genre with impressive world building

  • first of a trilogy with a female protagonist

  • centres a woman loving woman storyline which I love to see!

  • pacing could be better, as could the resolution but I appreciate this is the first in aseries so the main focus is to establish character, plot and backstory

Readathon prompt list
  • moonflower

  • barn owl

  • Write in the style of an email or a letter

  • Write a poem within a poem

  • Give your piece an alliterative title

  • dragon fire

  • halo

  • Write a poem about a woman in love with a woman

  • Use the colour blue in multiple ways

  • What happened in your first life?

  • “Boys who carry ruin in their pockets” are… (credit Sexton)

  • “How a bruise like a child blossoms” (credit Sexton)

  • Write about what a metaphor really is: i.e. Sexton says ‘A metaphor is only a person trying very hard to be understood at the edge of their imagination.”

  • Write an after of Sexton’s poem, A Short History of Happiness

  • Write about what poetry is: i.e. Sexton says ‘What’s poetry but the art of failing to make a moment happened once forever happen twice?’

  • Write an Abecedarian about creation after Doshi

  • Use the ghost line: “The body refuses happiness.”(credit Doshi)

  • “cauldrons of hurt” (credit Doshi)

  • Write after Doshi’s poem, I Don’t Want to be Remembered by My Last Instagram Post

  • Write a poem about how to greet grief

If you use one of the prompts above, let me know. If you post it on Instagram use the hashtag - #kristianasprompts. If you post it elsewhere, you can email me on and I shall share some of my favourites in May.